Mainland transplant Ramona Sidlo has been a part of the music scene for years. Prior to her arrival to the islands, she was working at Spotify on the global marketing team connecting fans around the world to the music they loved the most. In her freshman year as a radio personality, she is continuing to bring fans together through music, experiences, storytelling, and fun.

She is the director of marketing for BAMP Project & The Republik,  establishing her position in the Hawaii music scene as the go-to for music suggestions and things to do on the weekend! You can usually find her side stage at most concerts here in Hawaii taking selfies!

The islands have introduced Ramona to surfing! Most of the time you can find her chasing south shore summer swells and north shore winter (small) swells. When she is not in the water, she is working on ways to incorporate more wellness into her life! Her goal is to bring a little more Aloha to the world through a wellness practice.

Ramona is also obsessed with pop culture, the internet, TV,  movies, books, and anything that sparks wild conversations. Check out her Instagram @alohamones where you can find her opinion on just about everything oh and her daily affirmations.