This is the best look at Captain Marvel yet!

Marvel recently dropped a special look at the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, and boy, is it special! Where do we start? The Skrulls! The 90’s soundtrack! Young Fury! Young Coulson! The mohawk! Seriously, this is way too much awesome for one trailer!

The significance of Captain Marvel in the MCU has been teased since the movie was first announced. She is a difference maker — the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe, and perhaps the key to beating Thanos. I can tell you that when they showed her insignia at the end of Infinity War’s post credits scene, I got super giddy. I went back and read some of her solo stuff just to get ready, and I am glad they are imcorporating a lot of the comic book elements into the film (I seriously hope they touch on her being a hardcore Red Sox fan).

Captain Marvel opens nationwide on March 8th! And keep it locked to ALT 105.9, cause we might have something special in store for you!